Unique Planet Roadmap

Unique Planet
3 min readNov 26, 2022


🔸 Stage 1 (Marketing and Documentation)

Influencer deals

We don’t have a lot of positive thoughts about crypto influencers. We think that NFT Space has not established a solid foundation in terms of influence yet. This means that the number of good influencers is very few.

But it’s a big part of the game. We analyze influencers well, communicate the influencers that have real audiences and make partnerships.

Medium, Twitter, Discord, Website

We regularly use these platforms so that you can access more information about the project.

🔸 Stage 2 (Mint and Party)


For us, one of the most important steps is the minting phase. We will not work with a custom contract. No matter how confident we are in ourselves and our software knowledge, our first priority is project and investor safety.

For this reason, we will use Hashlips, a contract that has been used in the market many times before and has passed security tests.

Party and Social Events

Our party will start right after Mint, we will give you surprise information about the project and we will play games with various prizes on our discord channel.

🔸 Stage 3 (Accessories Store)

Accessories Store

There will be unlimited items to use while building your planet. In addition to these, there will be unique valuable building materials. We will develop an accessories store for the sale of this building materials.

In the later stages of the accessories store, you will also be able to sell the items you produce on your own planet.

🔸 Stage 4 (Planet Exploration)

Explore and Build Your Planet

All of the planets are produced in 3D and they are all big scaled in size. You will enjoy exploring your planets. You can build the structures you want on your planet,it is entirely up to your creativity. A Minecraft-like building system is being developed.

Multiplayer Planet Visits

The starting point of the Unique Planet metaverse is to create a social platform. Our aim is to create a fun experience center instead of the play to earn mechanism. You can visit your friends planets and explore their structures.

🔸Stage 5 (Reward System)

Daily / Weekly Mission System

You’ll also get ethereum rewards as you travel and build in our fun experience center. The rewards will be fun like discovering hidden easter eggs, building certain structures. We will never take you out of this fun experience and we will never make you think that you work overtime as if you were doing a job.

Neighbor Appreciation System

What we value most at Unique Planet is social relationships. You will improve your social relations and give points to your neighbors with your daily quota. These points will be important for policy and reward distribution.

🔸Stage 6 ( Policy )

Presidential Elections and Advanced Interface

Who wouldn’t want to manage Unique Planet? Democracy prevails in Uniqueverse! Presidents will be elected through regular elections and their names will be engraved on the planetary register. Presidents will have the power to set reward distribution, determine upcoming events, and so on.



Unique Planet

Unique Planet (UP) is completely online, costumizable, 3D, community based social verse that is powered by Ethereum NFT technology.