Why Mint Price?

Unique Planet
2 min readNov 20, 2022


Some reasons why it is very difficult to balance the price of free mint projects:

📌 People who care about the low profit of 3–5$ having negative effects on the post-mint price

📌 The materialistic evaluation of a product obtained only with gas fee has a low impact on the human brain

📌 Creating a classical meme project image

📌 It is almost impossible to develop a project since no fund is formed at the mint stage

For these reasons, we are setting our Uniquelist (Whitelist) mint price to 0.015eth(15$).With this amount, we will comply with our roadmap and bring the promised Uniqueverse to life.

With our current team, we have the technical competence to carry us a step further without any funding, and we have come a long way.

We care about our upstream investors and have developed the “Buy and Plasma” mechanism to protect them.

Buy and Plasma Mechanism

Buy and Plasma Mechanism is a price support system to protect our upstream investors.

Simply: it buys and burns every NFT that is lower than 0.015eth.

The difference between the sweep event of other NFT projects is the negative price manipulation caused by the NFT’s obtained with the sweep being put back into circulation with givaways.

Our collateral is simply blocking manipulations.

Every 0.015eth you mint and send to the community wallet will remain the soul of your nft and will keep your NFT at least as secure as a stablecoin.



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